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告别你的旧塑料卡,只需输入一次付款细节就可以节省时间,无限购买. Sign up with any of the top e-pay providers for faster, simpler transactions.

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数字钱包不仅仅是一种在线支付方式——尽管它在这方面很好, too. After entering your information just once, a digital wallet is the fastest method of making in-store purchases. Leave your wallet in your pocket, or at home, and just tap your phone toward the point of sale for a contactless transaction.

数字钱包的另一大好处是,你可以使用各种应用程序来偿还你的家人和朋友昨晚的晚餐费用, or to pay tradespeople on the spot instead of writing a check. The future is here and the choice is yours. Save money and time by signing up for all your favorite e-pay providers today.

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Input your payment details just once then use your chosen passcode there after.



In-Store Purchase

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Add your Arbor Financial card(s) to Apple Pay and make your purchases in stores, in apps, and online private and secure. Plus, you'll get the same benefits and protection you always get with your card.

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Android用户可以在店内、网上以及收发款项时使用Google Pay. Apple users can use it for online and peer-to-peer payments only. Great for tracking your spending and unlocking insights. Learn More

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Built for Samsung phones, fans of the brand can enjoy easy in-store and online purchases, plus peer-to-peer payments. Plus, earn cash back and rewards for your daily purchases. Take a photo of your cards, tap, and go!  Learn More

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如果你是LG品牌的重要客户,这可能是你的数字钱包. Keep your debit, credit, gift, and loyalty cards in one convenient app. Can be used in most stores and follows voice commands. Learn More

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数字钱包可以让你把钱包留在家里,Fitbit支付也可以让你把手机留在家里. 现在你可以通过手表或追踪器监控自己的动作,并随时随地喝咖啡. Learn More

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Garmin健身手表和运动追踪器的粉丝可以利用该品牌自己的非接触式支付解决方案. 也可以在世界上一些主要的交通系统上使用,所以你总是可以随时使用. Learn More

Online & Mobile

If you already use Amazon.你也可以使用Amazon Pay在其他网站上购物. 选择亚马逊支付在任何结帐和管理您的所有交易通过您的主帐户. Learn More

The Grubhub app and website has transformed the way we order delivery food. Now, 你只需输入一次付款细节,就可以在指尖上找到大量的餐厅和餐馆.  Learn More


In sync with your checking account, PayPal can be used to receive and send money, to split bills, to shop online practically everywhere, and to split payments into four affordable installments. Learn More

or savings accounts in the U.S., typically within minutes1. With just an email address or
U.S. 手机号码,你可以把钱寄给你信任的人,不管他们的加拿大28软件在哪里1.
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A popular peer-to-peer (P2P) app to make and receive payments, 现金应用程序还允许你用一美元购买股票和加密货币. All you need is a $cashtag to get started!  Learn More

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I have always enjoyed this credit union and have never had any issues. Everyone is always friendly and I would recommend Arbor FCU to anyone!!

Corrine C.

从我们的第一个支票账户到我们的住房贷款,他们处理得非常好. We have always been treated with dignity and respect.

Dan F.

Arbor Financial一直是我个人财务和加拿大28免费大数据分析的本地加拿大28软件的好方法. They're friendly, responsive, and great to work with.

Jeffrey L.

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1. Zelle® and the Zelle® related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. 注册用户之间的交易通常在几分钟内完成,通常不会产生交易费用.